Do Not Ask For Designs!

Hi, i’ve been comin here for a while now and it seems that almost every week or so, some one is asking for designs and how thave ran out of ideas.this gets really annoying. So please do not ask for designs,use the search function or browse this fourm.

A slightly more gentile way of saying that would be… there aren’t any designs on here. As far as we all know, the squarebot is the only set of instructions there are. We were all new once, give 'em a chance. If you need inspiration, check the galleries, browse through posts, and if you need any help don’t be afraid to ask.

sorry, i’m going 2 have 2 agree with scatterplot

ya, Scatterplot is right since all u get is a square bot design

Im sorry, i dint mean that in a bad way

No need for rudeness. Unlike you, some people Do care.

What are “gals”?? They are not compatible with Computers and Robots??

Most of the requests I’ve seen are people who sort of have an idea on what to do but would like some input from other people. I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with those threads.

maybe DREAD isnt compatible with computers and robots:rolleyes:

I think DREAD is a troll.
Yes I have a girlfriend.

And since you feel the need to sign all your posts with something about “DREAD motorcross blah blah blah” instead of typing it every time figure out how to make a sig.

And I know you’re just spelling crap wrong to annoy us all. But please stop. It’s beyond annoying.

my girlfriend likes my robots :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, you don’t even know what I meant by troll. A troll is someone that posts stuff on forums just to get people upset and riled up- e.g., you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t post that DREAD motocross whatever, but you realize you don’t have to type it every time. You can make it into a sig that automatically appears when you post. And if you want to, you can send me that ten bucks right now :smiley:
And what do I do with my life? I happen to be a 3rd year engineering mechanics student. What do you do with yours?

DREAD You need to chill out seriously. I feel and I think most other people here would agree with me that this is a forum for people who want to learn and help each other. This is not a forum to come on and talk about people not having lives. Also I don’t think anyone here cares what your “sponsor” says you don’t need to sign your posts like that.

It’s quite apparent to me that you did not understand what I said, so I guess that’s your loss. At this point this will only decend into a flame war so I will not say anything more on the topic seeing as you are not open to reason.

WOW, who made you the idea police?? If asking for ideas is bothering you then maybe you should just move on. I am sure there is a place where you can sit and share with others about how you know it all and never need help with anything. Because I can guarantee that if I need ideas I will not hesitate to ask for help.

You should right a book full of ideas so we will not need to come to a site like this to ask for any.


It’s not that people are asking for ideas, there have been several threads where people asked specifically for directions for things to build. Sometimes they didn’t even have any idea of what they wanted to build. They just wanted to get directions so they to could build robots like the ones in pictures on this site.

Back on the “Designs” topic i think there should be a beginner robots designs forum so starting people can go to it and we can just put simple ideas in there for them to start. If some body cant find it and they post a thread about how they dont know what to build we can just refer them to the link to the forum about begining robot ideas. Easy solution not worth argueing about.

Wonder what happened to DREAD? Think he was banned or just deleted his stuff to save face?

WHAT ??!! Are you kidding me? Why not then create a section for old people and young people, then separate by gender, then race, and then by who has more money and so on. Give me a break. LEAVE IT AS IS.

People need to be able to ask what ever they want, as long as it is related to VEX robotics. If you don’t want to read it then DON’T.

Wow, how hard is that.

Maybe make them more like instructions, new users can’t post there yet (they can look but not post things) so they can see ideas- the idea would be older members could make almost “tutorials” about various mechanisms/robots/whatever that they could show to newbies.