Do Reversed Motors count negative rotations when going forward

In a four motor drive, do the encoders in reversed motors return negative rotations when going forward?

Edit: I’m going to clarify what I’m talking about. When my robot drives forward, I want to count the average distance as the average of the encoder values in each motor. Does the fact that two of my drive motors are reversed mean that they will count negative rotations while the other two count positive rotations? This would then make the average very close to zero.

In PROS it works as expected. Reversed motors report positive encoder counts for positive speed/voltage. I suspect it is the same for Vex Code/Text.

Ok. I am using Vexcode so hopefully it works. If it is different in Vexcode, it would be what is messing up my PID loop.

If they are reversed in motors and sensor setup I believe IME’s reverse too. Im not sure but testing should be very easy. Just print the IME values on the brain and push the robot forward.