Do rings on alliance goals not in a home zone count for skills?

Me and my team have been working on potential skills routes and are hoping to use the high goal to score some points. We don’t want to risk losing any rings by moving the heigh goal once the rings are on it so we were curious if the rings would still count on an alliance goal not scored in a home zone. We’ve checked the game manual and haven’t found anything that we think very specifically answers this so we were curious what everyone’s thoughts on this was.

Rings in the alliance goals count anywhere on the field, but I don’ believe that high post rings count unless it is in either of the alliance home zones. If you are struggling to move it with rings on it, I would suggest pushing it into an alliance zone and then putting rings on it.

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I guess you didn’t check “scoring notes” #5 in the game manual. If that is not specific enough to answer your question, I don’t know what would be!


we had to explain this to someone running skills, because they were looking only at the skills section of the rules and payed little attention to the scoring section, seems like a fairly common mistake.

The scoring is the same between matches and skills unless specified otherwise.