Do teams with kickstands have to be sized twice?

Robots with kickstands have two starting positions so would they have to be sized for and active kickstand position and inactive during inspections? Does a team always have to start with a kickstand? Is compliance required to be perpendicular to the ground? A lot of questions around kickstands and compliance, idk how big of a deal it will be at worlds.


If you have multiple starting configurations, I would assume that they would want to size all of them. I would just make sure the inspector is aware of the kickstand, and how you can start in two different positions, and give them the decision on whether or not to size you twice. Either way, you should be in size for both angles, right?

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if a kickstand makes your robot slightly taller (which it probably does), then you should inspect in that position. Because not using the kickstand would make the robot smaller in most cases, I don’t think it’s necessary to size the robot with the kickstands not down, but if the inspector wishes to do so they can.



b. All possible functional Robot configurations must be inspected before being used in competition.

I had thought there was a rule that went something like, “If more than one starting configuration is going to be used, robots must be inspected in their largest configuration(s). Teams may not place robots on the field in an uninspected configuration.” It must have been IQ. <R3b> is the closest I could find.


So most likely you will have to make the inspector aware of the multiple starting configurations and size both in accordance with R3b

Only if you’re going to use them. If you always start in the kickstand position, it doesn’t matter what other possible starting configurations you might have, as long as you only use one that has been inspected and found to be within 18x18x18. For example, a team with a 4-bar, though they could hypothetically start in a position greater than 18x18x18, is legal as long as they never do.


What exactly does a kickstand do??

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It props up the front wheels of your robot from a point further back and allows the front wheels to start the match hanging over the second row field tile. This lets you start closer to the neutral goal.


Oooh wow, thats really smart actually! I might consider trying that

I’ve seen this in the wild, but I’ve never seen this as an advantage. Red leaps off the blocks, drives and snatches the mogo seconds before the robot without an autonomous moves forward in driver control.

I’ll take some folk lore at this point where you with a 200 ms advantage snatched a mogo out of the clutches out of the other teams reach. Maybe I’ll see more of this at Worlds.


Learn something new every day. I assume it’s attached to the robot and doesn’t stay behind? Anybody got pictures to share?

Information and how it works can be seen here (the first post on the topic is a video that shows it in action)


It just needs to be measured in it’s starting position (all flip out mechs or kickstands how they’d be at the beginning of a match) and its FULLY extended position every other position shouldn’t matter. But remember it must be inside 18" when it’s starts.

The reason I originally asked this is because we would not want to start using a kickstand when doing a match load Auton. It would be pointless and could potentially throw off our robot.

Then it sounds like you have 2 distinct starting positions, and I’d recommend that you request to be measured in both to avoid any potential issues. It’s easy enough to do and won’t add much time (assuming they both fit - if not, you have bigger issues).


According to 3 separate refs that were reffing Nebraska state vex they get sized with both kickstand deployed and undeployed

It’s at the pleasure of the EP.

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