Do they make motors anymore?

Are motors still even in production anymore? Because if no one’s been able to get them, I wonder if they’re actually in existence…

Yes they do. Don’t know if you’ve been out of your robotics shop in the last 15 months, but there has and continues to be a huge supply chain issue for anything that is not made 100% in your town. Shortages of food, hardware, soft goods, cars, etc. VEX robot parts are made in China and presently there is a 74 day ship time from any port in China to here in the US. Good news is it’s down from the 138 day time it was 5 months ago.

And that is not counting the manufacturing backlog that places have. Or the large amount of component shortages that are world wide.

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Most likely we might see batteries out of stock next. It is probably the most used thing in the vex cycle.


Yes I know about the supply chain problem. I just wanted to know if it was the supply chain causing there to be less motors, or if it just killed all production entirely.

Its all supply chain. No company is going to go "We have a 100,000 of this device out in the wild. Lets not make the battery pack any longer for them. But for what it’s worth the VIQV1 and VIQV2 battery packs are the same physical size and the V2 packs will work in the V1 brains.

Same thing for motors. Sensors. Etc.


Supply chain issues. Same reason why Vex VRC teams are struggling to get their hands on pneumatics

(If they dont make them it will say discontinued on the website)

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