Do u need a comp switch to run aton

my aton wont run need help.

You need press run button to make it run.


Use timed run, not normal run

i am i think timed is sais 15 aton 145 driver right if it is than i am


Try resetting ur controller and repairing it

Is your code in the competition template?

the code is under the when aton block

Turn on controller -> Go to programs -> Select your program -> Go right and click on Match Play -> Press A when you’re ready to run auton, there will be a 3 second countdown

If this doesn’t work you’d need to upload your code so others can take a look at it and spot the problem


did not work Screenshot%20(80)

This doesn’t look like competition template to me.
Click File -> Open Example -> Competition Template


does it mader?

yes it does. The competition template is what allows your robot to take signals from the control towers and other control switches like the timed run. Even though your auton is under the when auton block, when the controller sends the “autonomous” signal to the robot, the robot has no idea what that means and therefore wont do anything. This is the same for driver control and I believe disablement too. Unless your code is in the template you will not be able to compete.


If you read through this…
Note: In order for your project to work at a competition, you must leave these hat blocks in your project. The hat blocks can be moved around, but must stay somewhere in the project. Create stacks from these hat blocks.


Er, no.
As long as you have the “When autonomous” and “When driver” blocks, they will run under competition control. There is no need to start with a special competition project, any project can work for competition as long as those blocks are used.


really, well then disregard what I said about that. You learn something new each day.

But I don’t think you need competition template if you’re pressing timed run it should automatically move to your auton code

… and you should make sure that they work with a switch / tower. We had a team that swore they had an autonomous and that the tower was bad. Finally had someone look at the code and they had not done the “When autonomous” block in that version of the code and it wasn’t being called.

i found the problem i had used the wrong hat block and while that didnt afect the driver control it did afect the aton as the controler had been put into play prior to aton vex iced the aton so nothing could happen because i would have been able to drive during atonScreenshot%20(80)_LI
i met up with a robotics teacher from another school and we figured it out after like an hour