Do VEX Motors Retain Power After Match End?

Hello VEX community,

I am in the midst of designing a robot for an upcoming competition, and I have a specific question related to the functionality of VEX motors post-match.

For the endgame of our robot’s strategy, we plan on using a motor to elevate our robot. This elevation relies on the motor’s capability to act as a sort of “motor brake”. This is crucial because if the motor loses power after the match ends, our robot might potentially slip or fall, which could result in score loss or even damage to our robot.

Can anyone clarify if the VEX motors maintain their power or at least provide the ‘braking’ force after the match timer stops? Has anyone had any experience or run into issues regarding this?

Your insights and experiences would be immensely valuable. Thank you in advance for your help!

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They do not. All motors will be stopped in coast mode.


Additional Information regarding the motor’s mode (for future reference)


What exactly does coast mode mean? Sorry, seems like a silly question, but this is only my first year and I also would like to know since I’m also in the process of trying to design a robot based off of the hero bot.

I had put reference above!
Check that out!