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Let us know if you work it out.

Well, it looks like one of those android app download things, but my androids camera sucks too bad to use them XD.

I WANNA KNOW WHAT IT ISSSS!!! But I lack an android phone. Bleh. : Very creative though.


I used an online bar code reader. To save everyone else the trouble, this is the link I got. Oh how I wish I could go. :/. But I can imagine plane tickets from half way across the world will not be cheap. We need more sponsors! Love the idea for the grant, a great idea to help a team.


"es we will keep teams together if they wish BUT we have been looking at a way for alliances to pair up before the event. One suggestion is:-
-that all teams (NZ and international) post their Robot Skills scores on the web with you tube video to prove that score. Information on the web will enable international scouting to take place. This means that anyone can do a robot skill test at any time not just a competition and have it count.
-These skills will then be used to rank the robots.
-We will do alliance selection using that ranking as per normal i.e Rank 1 chooses their alliance partner etc. (This will be done online via facebook or such like)
-The alliances will then play ‘aliance seeding’ rounds over two days to rank the alliances.
-The elimination rounds will be broken into 4pools of 5 alliances as per the Rugby World Cup. How do you suggest the pools are made up? i.e. which ranks go into a pool to try to get the best alliances to the final without too many upsets.

^ Does this mean that all teams will have to qualify? So international teams do aswell? This would be good as i think it if they automatically qualify it would be a bit unfair if it ends up only one NZ alliance :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, international teams could possibly be billeted out in NZ to lower costs as in the registration it says NZ teams get a discount for billeting… Just saying cause it might lower costs :wink: - i wish the same thing was done for worlds with us :stuck_out_tongue:

International teams will not have to qualify (We want as many as possible)
New Zealand Teams will have to qualify so get working! (It would be great if we only had on NZ Alliance because we had so many International teams)

Hey! Someone has to start the trend and it may happen in the future. The important thing is that we start it. Don’t forget the USA is a big place and most teams have to travel to get to the worlds. We are in the fortunate position of probably outnumbering our guests.

Sorry i didnt mean to sound as if i was complaining, i thought id just mention that it could be a bit cheaper than people think because of this if they come to the world cup.

I totally agree with you there, it does seem wrong (to me) if, for instance, a whole load of teams come from one country, and yet NZ only has one spot.

Again, I agree. But what I don’t agree with is how Auckland teams have to pay $500 compared to everyone elses $50. It doesn’t seem fair to me, jumping from $50 to $500. (Obviously if we billet the cost gets reduced to $50).

Just my thoughts and I hope I don’t sound harsh or anything like that, but there are things about the Robot World Cup setup I just don’t agree with.

Another thing which im not too sure about is how qualification is being done, some robots will be AWESOME in normal gameplay but not at skills and vice versa, if you are going to qualify like this i think it should be done like skills, but with normal field layout and possibly even two minutes. Im sorry if that came out complainish but i think it will be more fair if its done like that (or similar of course).

I agree with Jack’s comment about how the driver skills isn’t really an accurate measure.
Personally I don’t think Auckland teams should have to qualify anyway. I understand that they’re trying to keep the numbers low, but why should we have to qualify when noone else does?
If you think about it, we usually scrape up 40 teams by Nationals in March, at an average scrimmage we have maybe 20 teams, 30 if we’re lucky. Meaning no offense to anyone, there are at least 10 teams who have no chance of winning the World Cup. if we allow for 30 teams, subtract the 10 who needn’t bother (again, meaning no offense to anybody here); we have 20 teams who could form 10 alliances. Is it really that hard to stick in 10 more tables and some more matches? We have three days for this thing, after all.

Disclaimer: Personal view, not teams, not auckland’s, all that jazz

Edit: Apparently this post has come across in the wrong light to some people, so I’d just like to say i don’t mean to sound as if I am ranting/complaining, it was simply a follow up to the above discussion. I apologise for any confusion or frustration caused.

I now wish there was a “Like” button on vexforum as much as i wish there was a “dislike” button on facebook when one of my team suggests we do something radical and silly :stuck_out_tongue: although half the time i end up liking the idea in the end anyway…

I should also add that everything i say is my own opinion and does not represent anyone but myself unless i specifically say so :stuck_out_tongue:

In the qualifying criteria for the 2012 Wolrd Champs you will have read
o Skills Challenge World Championship Qualifying Spots
Skills rankings for all event levels will be included in the VRC global rankings (used for qualifying spots to the World Championship and National Championships such as the US Championship)
As of March 4, 2012 the top 30 team scores in both the Programming Skills and Robot Skills Challenges will earn a qualifying spot to the 2012 VRC World Championship
Better minds than ours (VEX) feel this is fair and by doing the same we are creating the chance for teams here to qualify for the worlds as well. So this will not be changed.

All New Zealand teams have to qualify not just Auckland.

There is no more space and no more time.

Thank you for considering our opinions and i understand that not everything we say can or will be done.

Sorry, it appears I was misinformed earlier. I was told it was only Auckland teams, but apparently that was just the raised entry fee and there was some miscommunication going on. I retract that part of my post.

Also, I have a question about the qualification process. If the end result is only one NZ alliance, will the alliance have to be formed of the top two qualifications? Or will the top team get to choose who they want, regardless of score?

The top ranked* team will choose who they want from the 40 teams that have qualified**. teams will be able to turn down a selection without prejudice i.e. they will be able to be chosen again and accept by another team. (A bit different from VEX rules here). The next team to do selecting will be the next team down the list that is not in an aliance (as per VEX rules)

The intent is that if you qualify then you will be in the competition no matter what. If you do not qualify then sorry :frowning: we have to make the process clear, fair and transparent right from the beginning.

all teams that end up being selected* to compete in the competiton will be ranked according to their posted Robot Skills scores. This ranking will be used to determine order for aliance selection
** includes teams from overseas and NZ

Teams from outside NZ will automatically qualify/be selected unless their numbers total more than 38 teams at which point we will have to ask them to reduce theirnumbers somehow.

Hi, i just have a question regarding rules - im assuming we are playing by all vex rules for normal game play, so im just making sure that karthiks words still stands and will not be changed for this competition at all unless stated otherwise?