Do we need a have a VEXnet Competition Switch for live remote skills events?

I have been searching around but I haven’t been able to find a definite answer on weather we have to have a competition switch or not. It doesn’t mention that we have to have it anywhere in the inspection checklist.

Does anybody know if we need one or not?

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No. There are 3 options.

  1. The competition switch you link above
  2. Using Tournament Manager and a full Field Control system
  3. The most likely one - using the built-in match timer function on the V5 controller.

If you are using Cortex and not V5, you’ll need to use 1. or 2.


If you want to use a switch, you make one using a wiring diagram, just need a bit of cable.

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Is this in the game manual? If so could you direct me to where this is stated?

There is no requirement in the game manual that you use any particular field control system, that’s just a list of easy options.

See also this post:


Thank you. Related question; does an event have the authority to restrict what field control system is used? Since the game manual doesn’t prohibit it, I see no reason it shouldn’t be allowed in all circumstances, but jw

As @holbrook says, it isn’t stated, that was just a list to show possible ways to do it if you wanted some kind of field control. Since you never switch between modes (disable/enable, driver/autonomous) in Skills, there doesn’t seem to be anything to say that you couldn’t just start a driver program, and wait for whoever is doing the timer to give you the go ahead before you drive for example.

The manual says Please note that all rules from “The Game” section of the manual apply to the Robot Skills Challenge, unless otherwise specified.

And G8 says <G8> Controllers must stay connected to the field towers. Prior to the beginning of each Match.....

But a match is specifically defined as A Match consists of an Autonomous Period followed by a Driver Controlled Period for a total time of two minutes (2:00) so therefore not a skills match.

And that seems to be the only time that Field Control must be used.