Do we need another Hero?

The Hero 2007 aptly named 007 after James Bond of Her Majesty’s Secret Service can currently dance, turn on dime and otherwise move about with great speed and agility. It uses the Vex RC Remote Control with 4WD geared motors for the Motion Subsystem and one Vex motor used to pan the robot’s head (sensor platform) 0-180 Degrees or rotate it continuously for maximum sensor coverage when it becomes fully autonomous.

The robot’s head turns very smoothly using a lazy Susan bearing to support the weight of the sensor platform. It turns at various speeds or pans 0-180 Degrees using a Vex Motor with Vex gears.

We do need another hero… The Hero 2007 Robot’s motion subsystem consists of 4 small Vex motors that are light yet very powerful along with ultra lightweight gear boxes, which make up the 4WD main drive.

Question: Do we need another Hero?

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I honestly don’t really know what you are asking. You dont need our permission to make a robot. But, so far, what you have made looks pretty good, although i dont think it has anything to do with James Bond or 2007 since it shouldn’t take that long to build a vex robot.

In my opinion, you should continue to build your robot, but maybe make it a little smaller, and make it look more like the original one from the pics.

Just so you know, you dont have to say that you used VEX parts because almost everything on this form does so it isn’t really necessary to say so.

{oh and just so you know, the poll doesn’t work, you can select all four choices at once.}

It can take some time for one person with limited spare time to design and build an autonomous robot. Even the Hero 1 which was not completely autonomous probably took many Heathkit engineers a few months to maybe a year to design, build and test the Hero 1 robot. The original 1980’s Hero 1 robot sold inspired my Hero 2007 Robot design by Heathkit shown in the Photo. I was lucky enough to build a Hero 1 with my brother’s help when we received it as a gift. It had amazing capabilities with an arm capable of handing someone a drink. In addition it could talk using a Votrax SC-01 voice synthesizer. The robot’s panning head was used to point a Polaroid 6500 Sonar Ranger for obstacle avoidance and to navigation. Other sensors include two light CDs sensors, a microphone to detect sounds and hand claps and a teaching pendant used to train the robot (animatronics). My Hero 1 still works well for its age, and I am in the process of upgrading it with a faster micro-controller and improved sensors. A really neat feature was the programming language called Heathkit Robot Basic that provided interpreted robot commands to make it do useful tasks.

The purpose of the Hero 2007 Robot is similar to that of the Hero 1, but in addition it will be used as a robotic research platform for me to evaluate and test autonomous control algorithms and other robot behaviors. Other ideas that I have for it include using it for home and business security applications. I plan to install a smoke alarm, CO Detector, UV Fire Detector, Motion Detector, etc., and a line following sensor so that it can carry out its sentry duty. I also plan to install a wireless video camera for home security applications.