Do we need to get a goal into the 20?

So we have a robot that is a 6 wheel, 4 motor drive,and cannot get over the 10pt bar. We have been debating whether or not we should switch our base to go over the 10pt bar to put the mogo in the 20, or we should focus on practicing. (States is in 4 weeks for us). Is it essential to get a mobile goal into the 20?

I’d definitely recommend being able to score 20pt mobile goals. It gives you access to 25 more points which would be a huge percentage of your match score. If you can do it definitely try. It shouldn’t be too hard to simply lift your chassis off the ground more so you can get over the 10pt bar.

If your teammate can’t get it into the 20, you’re facing a huge deficit so keep that in mind

We’re having the same problem (6 motor turbo, 25 hole chasis), except we can clear the bar, our rear wheels just don’t have enough torque to get over. So far, it’s been a non issue in elimination matches because the partner usually can - but in quals it’s been a huge loss. We’re definitely working on getting over that bar, although if it’s a lot of work don’t do it.

…You know what? Normally, I would say that getting a mobile goal in the 20 point zone is a necessity (see two posts above), however, I assure you that at least half the matches you will be allied with someone who can do that already (See post above by ranOOm, shoot, I better say what’s on my mind very quickly).

Essentially, it’s your call. Seeing that only Excellence and Tournament Champions qualifies for worlds at your competition, and since at your last competition the highest score in a single match was 68, I would suggest a robot with enough practice that can stack 10 cones throughout an entire match, and the ability to push all four MG’s into the 10. That way, if you even have 10 cones, that’s 60 points right there, and that could bump up to 70+ depending on your alliance.

I’d normally be more specific, but I need to know about your cone stacker in order to make some more judgment.

20 points is also only 10 cones off the field, which should take around ~20 seconds, and putting that into a 5pt zone at the end of the match and then parking may be better than spending time trying to get in and out of 20pt zone (~8 seconds). The cones you spend time taking also are no longer available to the opponent.

I would recommend focusing on cone stacking as well. It may be an issue in qualifications (although for States, I would assume most bots are pretty capable), but for elimination, your partner will for sure be able to go in the 20 (if not, you made a BIG mistake on who you allied with). As long as you are a capable stacker, and even remotely competent at selecting alliances, you should be fine. I would recommend making stacking really fast and efficient and having a lot of autonomous programs for states, then work on getting into the 20 for worlds (or nationals, if you happen to be going to that). A 20 is important for that match, but it doesn’t matter who does it, and most teams get in in auto anyway.

we can get it into the 10 though…

With our current design, our lift is slow, but efficient, reaching 5ft vertically. We are third in our state and we want to pull out 2nd to reach top alliance. So if we want to do so, then we should most likely need a 20pt lift. We want to get into worlds, but our lift is too slow for our bot to be solely on cones. By the way, we are using a 3 scissor lift with additional chain lift on top. I hope that you understand why we need a mogo lift