Do you drive with drive motors in coast, brake, or hold?

Personally I drive in brake for skills and alliance matches but noticed many people drive in coast. Lemme know for both skills and alliance, and why. Curious because I’ve found it changes depending on the game.

Haven’t seen a thread for this yet but I could be wrong.

Poll Below by @9MotorGang

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If you don’t know the difference, then you are probably using coast, the default.

  • Coast
  • Brake
  • Hold

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I drive primarily in coast, but I have a button that swaps the drive type to break while platforming.


Forgot about polls lol that would’ve been smart.


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I’ve never actually heard of people driving with brake before other than on the platform. What are the benefits for using that? I feel like it’s too jerky for me. Personally, I like my movements to be nice and smooth


I use coast because it’s easier on the motors and let’s me drive for longer without overheating them. I have a button though that switches to brake for circumstances like driving up the platform and for tug-of-wars if it’s on my side.


I have pretty good low speed control so I never found a need for coast. Howver I might try and switch to see the benefits of it. The benefits I’ve seen wirh brake is stopping immediately to change direction or grab a goal without slowing down first.

Actually a p good algorithm. It’s a cool idea to have your drive be coast and after like 0.5 seconds automatically tell motors to hold. Its really simple automation that can save you a couple of rounds

Does anyone know the differences between driving with brake and hold on the platform? It’s just dawning on me now that I haven’t tried using hold on a platform to see what it does

Haven’t tested hold but brake will slowly roll down the platform with no throttle, while hold I presume will stay in place with no throttle given that you have enough traction.

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I use brake for skills auton, and coast for driver skills and matches.

if (controller.Axis3()>0) {motor.spin(forward);}
else {motor.spin(backwards);}


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I personally drive with hold, since I use a fast drivetrain with omni wheels, I prefer having my robot stop really fast rather than sliding halfway across the field. Also helpful for driving up to mobile goals and stopping to grab the mobile goal rather than ramming it. It does heat up the motors faster, but I’m used to driving with hold.

but sliding around a field is so much fun! especially with an x-drive

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I only drive in coast but brake makes my autons more accurate, hold isn’t really beneficial for autonomous since there isn’t really a time where the robot will have to actively hold itself in place (except if you are trying to park on the ramp).

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I keep it in hold for autonomous since there isn’t a reason not to, but you might have another robot follow you back to the home zone if you grab a neutral goal. There has been at least 1 time I have gotten dragged into the alliances home zone, but then their motors stopped running and my robot drabbed their bot and the neutral goal back to my home zone.


Our program makes it to where you can change drive type to and from coast to brake. Useful for pushing and climbing :slight_smile:

Personally, I use pneumatic drive, so I have none of these motor stop issues.