Do you even lift?

Hello everybody!

I have been creating a bunch of designs for StarStruck and it doesn’t seem like you actually need a lift to get your robot taller.

Lots of people are using lifts this season but I can’t find a good reason to.

You can just get a 15-18in arm that can kick stars over the gate, and incline your robot.

Plus, you can get a slip-gear linear catapult or a puncher that can hit it high and far.

  • I just wouldn’t consider using 4+ motors on a lift being worth it.

Any “good” reasons to have a lift?


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To the question, I don’t see any real reason to build a lift either. A catapult would serve the same purpose. It can score into the far zone from anywhere on the field and has the capability to knock off the stars from the fence in its “up” position.

There is literally no point in a lift because you can just make a linear puncher with one motor if your smart, or two motors if your new to the game that can punch the stars off the fence.

Our team’s probably going to use pneumatics for the lift so it’s equivalent to two motors. The reason we aren’t going to use a catapult like some are thinking of is because we believe it would make our bot wobble too much during autonomous and we plan to use a platform puncher as we have become more familiar with punchers. Plus a catapult that swings to a good 90° would launch the stars and cubes directly into the fence if I’m not wrong.

You don’t have to have a catapult that goes to 90 degrees. The jump from catapults, in my experience from NBN, can be dealt with.

As for lifts, I don’t think lifts are a bad idea for this game. Just have to use them for the right purposes :smiley:

I am going to try and rig a passive lift to my arm.

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