Do you get points for unmoved mobile goals in the home zone?

Hello! Quick question:

Since mobile goals in a home zone are worth 30 points and the red and blue mobile goals start in a home zone, do you get points without moving them?

I’m sure I’m missing something there. Basically you get 120 points at the start because the mobile goals are in a home zone. What am I missing?

home goals are worth 20


Are you talking about skills? Because the field setup is difrent for skills, with the mogo’s on the wrong color side

Sorry what is a home goal?

let me rephrase it alliance mobile goals that are in your home zone are worth 20

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I’m assuming they meant the red or blue mobile goal.

It does appear you’re talking about skills. The red goals will start in the blue side and vice versa. You should start with 0 points at the start of a skills match. And each goal scored in the home zone is worth 20 points.

In a tournament match, the all the alliance goals start on their colored side. If nobody moved, each alliance will finish with 40 points each.

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For skills:

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I’m pretty sure that the mobile goals are worth 30. If a mobile goal Ends Match in either Alliance Home Zone - 30 Points. (in LRT matches) I guess the question is: are all mobile goals worth points if they are in the home zone or only the neutral mobile goals? Becuase if allience mobile goals are worth points in the home zone then your start with 120 points.

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Yes I mean the alliance mobile goal: the red and blue ones. But the question applies to everything.

Are you talking about skills?

oh… So in order to get points the red mobile goal needs to be on the red zone. I see. Nutral mobile goals can be on any side or in the nurtal zone.

What are skills? The question is about LRT games btw.

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For LRT matches the red goals are on the red side and vice versa for blue goals.

a elevated robot is worth 30 but not a moblie goal. they are ethier 20 points not elevated or 40 points elevated ( of course it is more if you have rings on the goal but im talking the basics)

Nope, as said many times this is for LRT scoring, where mobile goals are worth 30 points in an alliance home zone.

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with the LRT, i have never done one, but i can assume skills are the same. So if your skills was set up to where the alliance goals are on their own side (red or blue) the person who did your tourntament had done it wrong. if you stay idle in skills, the amount of points should be 0

hold up why would they change the scoreing even though your playing the same game, just remotely?? thats odd, but i will stand corrected on this one

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Goals in the neutral zone are worth 10 points and goals are worth 30 points in either home zone. So unless the yellow goals start elsewhere, you should have 150 points by default I think.


im so confused. So let me get this straight, in LRT you get points for doing nothing???