Do you guys drive with the flywheel front or the rollers front

I had a pretty intense discussion with my teammate. I think that the front drive is better for flywheel, but my friend said that rollers being the front drive is better. What’s your opinion.

I drive with the intake and roller on front just because I have driven shooting robots in this fashion before. I would leave it up to whoever the driver is since it will be more intuitive for them.


i personally like the intake in front because you will be moving in that direction for most of the match

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Intake in front, shooter in back, roller on the back

Unless your driver can drive backwards, you could try using a drive switch. We are using intake in front because we have autoaim.

In our case, we didn’t have to make a trade-off and put all three (intake, roller, & flywheel) on the front of the robot. The flywheel is on the left and the roller on the right so they don’t interfere with each other.

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How’s your center of mass?

It’s probably not perfect but we don’t have any swerve issues while driving unless we drive for long enough that the drive motors overheat.

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I drive with intake and rollers in the front, and flywheel in the back.
I should mention that I am pretty comfortable driving backward, and a drive switch would just slow me down. In most spin-up matches your driving in the direction of your intake, and only driving backwards when lining up for shooting (depending on the robot design ofc). I would recommend trying both out, as its pretty easy to code.

I coded it so that we can switch between, but it starts on rollers front to get disks when the match starts

I should also just drop a poll, should have done it earlier.

  • Front Intake
  • Front flywheel
  • Both intake and flywheel front(same side)

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For reasons mentioned in my above message, I am unable to answer this poll accurately


I just answered front flywheel (we are cata gang if you couldn’t tell by my pfp)