Do you know how tall a robot has to be to compete?

I know that there is a maximum but I don´t know what it is do any of you know?:pleading_face::cold_sweat:

It must fit inside a 18x18x18 cube at the start of the match, but can expanse once the match has begun


Please read the rule book…
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This was posted in IQ. If for VEX IQ Squared Away, you need to start under 15 inches.
If for VEX EDR Tower Takeover, the starting height is 18 inches. Expansion is allowed after that only in Tower Takeover. If for Squared Away, no expansion higher than 15 inches is allowed through the entirety of the match.


At the time this post was made, it was in rumor-mill/chit-chat. I assumed he meant EDR, and then he only changed it to IQ after my post