Do you like Lego Mindstorms?

Do you like Lego Mindstorms?
I Love It!!

I don’t really like Lego Mindstorms. It’s kind of a cheeper kit, but i believe it would be better if one saved up for a vex kit. Just my opinion…

i have an RCX v2 set but the RCX doesnt work so i dont use it anymore, i used to like it but i find lego limits your imagination because of lack of good gears, motors and the low battery life (i went through soooooooo many batteries) oh and programming

i used to play with legos for years until i found vex but the thing i liked better then the vex was that you could store more than one program on the rcx and you could program wirelessly:D

not much more wirelessly because the ir tower had many problems and glitches (and was slow on a win98), as for the program thing there wasnt much to program anyway (a light sensor and a touch sensor)

ya but if vex had those features it would be really kool

thats true you could always buy a wireless usb thing, and the new (well not anymore) lego NXT has bluetooth capability which would be awesome on vex!

Lego is cool, but it is not as technical as VEX. I like VEX way better, you can do so much more with it.

Same here i can build with legos in a short time even though i havn’t been building with vex that long, I made a mini version of our robot to.

quick way to say this: i like lego but vex is way better:D :smiley: :smiley:


I don’t really know if i like LEGO mindstorms or not. My bro is doing electric vehicle in science olympiad this year and he is using a LEGO mindstorms kit. It looked a little toyish when i saw it. I am not very comfortable with LEGO mindstorm kits.


Lego Mindstroms costs $50 less than Vex. Now think for a second; What would you rather have? What is going to entertain/educate you longer? Should you just spend the extra $50 and get VEX?

then an extra $100 dollars for the programming kit, recommended $50 dollars for the power pack or youre going to be spending $100 dollars on batteries

EDIT: oh and some extra sensors because lego has sound, ultrasonic, light, and touch
versus vex: limit and bump (which are pretty similar)

man im glad i bought my stuff at radio shack before they got rid of vex because i would never be able afford to buy it now i bought my starter kit for 150 and my programing kit for 50 gear kit 5 omini 10
battery kit christmas moter kit christmas, ultra sonic christmas, wheele kit christmas

and some other parts bought off vexlabs

I think LEGOs have more ‘quick prototyping’ capabilities than vex, at least on the hardware side. The RCX is pretty limited on motor outputs and sensor inputs compared to the vex microcontroller, but the massive variety in LEGO pieces makes it preferable in my opinion.

yah only 4 motors outputs and 3 sensors it pretty bad, vex has practically just as many parts as lego

It is true that VEX stuff is totally over-priced (in my opinion), but VEX is way more intertaining and you can do so much more with it. Lego on the other hand is easy to use, simple, and can perform basic tasks well enough.

Bottom Line: It is a robotic system with huge potential vs. a robotic system designed for beginners.


I have 1 Lego RCX, 1 Lego NXT (New) and 2 MicroSCOUTs (VERY BAD!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: )

If you think Lego is not so great, type in Lego Mindstorms on and look for “Mindstorms Autofabrik”.

vex is not totally overpriced, it may be a little expensive but hey add the price and time of buying all the tools and material and building it your own, it would be a lot more, i think this has been mentioned on another thread somewhere

did you get any pictures of your vEx powered crab drive LEGO robot before I took it apart? :slight_smile: