Do you need to register a robot for a competition or team?

What are the costs of registering a team? I am working on the funding for a vex team, and im not sure if you need to register a vex robot, or a team, or both?

First, you need to register a team on It costs $150 to register a team for the season. If your organization has more than one team, all the rest of the teams cost $100 to register. After you do that, you can register for individual tournaments. The cost of tournaments varies. So you should look for tournaments in your area to see how much they cost.


Do you need to register a robot for the event?

You register teams for events, not robots. Registered teams should each bring their own robot to the event.

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No. But you should read the rules, though, because a robot is associated with a team. If a team competes with a robot, a different team cannot use the same robot.


ok, thanks. I will go finish the budgeting spreadsheet now :upside_down_face:

Plenty of information here for competition teams: