Do you reset?

After the autonomous mode do you reset your robot and the balls back to their starting positions? This is important to find out.
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No after autonomous in the FVC you go directly into driver operated mode, there is usually a sligth delay but nothing gets moved.

The autonomous mode starts and then after they check the score you start actually driving and playing the game from where it was. There is no reset unless there is a problem with the field or something.

No, look on the internet for some full videos of a competition. They start the buzzer, the autonomous is turned on by the people at the computers and then after the 20 seconds they stop, count who got the most balls (10pts for winning autonomous) and then restart the game in the driver’s operation mode where the operators do all of the driving and scoring points and so on.

If you want to see some of the official competitions go to the website at the bottom of this post. Here you can see some of the videos of our robot and you might get some ideas.

We have alot of scrimmage videos. i am working on them right now, I am putting them into separate areas rather than in the homepage.

So I am still a little confused. If you collect a bunch of balls during the autonomous mode, do you still get those points during the RC mode? If the board doesn’t reset then how do you get the most points?
I have never watched a match, and I’m having problems watching your videos. How does the whole thing play out?

The way the match works is this:

20 sec autonomous mode, the only points that are counted here are the 10 points for winning autonomous mode.(The points for balls scored don’t get tallied till the very end)

Now we have a 2:00 operator controlled mode. You can score get atlas ball hang etc. No points are tallied during the match. After this ends the refs count the softballs scored in high goals,3 points each, and low goals, 1 point each. Then which ever alliance has the atlas ball gets their ball points doubled. Then the refs will look to see which robots are hanging and then which ones are on the platform. 15 points for hanging and 5 points for being on the platform.

well you could take the batteries out of the bot and that would resrt it… thats all i got…:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile: :cool:

you cannot touch the robot untill the match is over.

Right the robot can’t be touched by anyone until the match is completely over. The autonomously scored points are tallid at the end of the round but if you have the most points scored in autonomous mode you get 10 extra points.

Tmaxx the only points tallied at the end of auto are the 10 points for winning. The reason being balls can be removed from goals so they don’t count those points till the very end.

Thats what I meant, but sometimes it is hard to say what your thinking.

Something important to note is that (at least according to the NJ judges) when autonomous (and driver control) modes come to an end is after the time has expired AND all field elements have stopped moving. So if the Atlas ball is on your side of the field at the end of the 20 second autonomous mode, but the Atlas ball is still moving, the judges will wait for it to come to rest. At that point if the Atlas ball is on the other side of the field, it will be counted as such when determining who gets the 2x multiplier.

You’re correct, that is the way they define the “end” of all FIRST competitions.