Do you think using a vision sensor or optical sensor is better for detecting the color of the roller in Spin Up?

If you want to detect the color of the roller (lets say from a close distance) in Spin Up vrc, would you use a vision sensor or optical sensor?


I wouldn’t really recommend using a color sensor
just for the roller, unless your robot’s spinner system is very fast. Mostly because of the fact that the rollers on both sides are set up to where in your autonomous you don’t need to create separate ones for both color alliances if that makes sense.
(Edit: this was proven wrong by later comment lol)

If it works well, it’s one less thing the driver has to worry about. Stress-reduction means a lot in a fast paced match.

I’m personally planning on using an optical sensor, because it has its own light and is optimized for close-up scanning. i.e. it’s less likely to scan stray objects. I haven’t yet tested the mechanism, so take that as you will.


Good points. I was saying from a standpoint of maybe a team has limited sensors/materials, and thought they needed sensors for a good autonomous. I myself am a public school team with volunteer coaches, so I try to leave materials for my sister teams.

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Judging from what I’ve seen so far, rollers are going to vary in friction from event to event. This is why sensor usage is imperative for roller scoring in autonomous. Honestly, I’d recommend the optical sensor instead of the vision sensor, as it’s easier to implement/use.

Basically the scenario is that you tune your roller scoring to your own field, but when you go to a comp, the rollers have more/less friction, and your autonomous doesn’t work (rip the WP). This could get even more exacerbated if each field is built differently, thereby rendering it virtually Olin possible to tune your auton to every field.


For our current auto roller design we are using the optical sensor as the vision sensor is bulkier, harder to mount, and probably overkill for just reading the roller color.