Do you use High Strength Motors or Regular Motors for your intake?

And do chains/treads for intake ever break on your robot?

This is the IQ thread…there is only one motor for IQ.

Yes, chains and treads break, both in VRC and IQ, if you overstress them.

High strength axles will not improve the strength of the chain, only the axle/gears.

For the chain, make sure you don’t have them too loose or too tight. And keep their path clear. Like kmmohn said, if you overstress them they will snap.

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by high strength motors and regular motors, I’m assuming you mean v5 motors and the old 393’s. there is no contest, v5 motors are superior in ever aspect. only reason you should ever be using cortex is if you don’t have access to v5.

the only reason chain usually breaks is when force it put on it from angles that it isn’t meant to handle. that means from the sides and the top and bottom. keep your intakes free of any interference or contact with things in ways that will put strain on them in any other direction than the flow of the chain.


This may be v5 vs cortex, or red cartridge vs green, please specify

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Selected the wrong category, my apologies. High Strength motor meaning the red cartridge insert for V5 and Regular motor meaning the green insert.

I meant to discuss the v5 parts, my bad

So again, this is an VEX IQ forum, most of you have been here long enough to know that. One thing I learned today was to put two sprockets side by side and then alternate the flaps so they go across not parts. That way if your chain breaks, the other chain keeps on going. For VEXIQ, that gives you a much more supportive way to scoop up the balls.

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in that case…


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