Do you want to build a snowman?

I actually cannot get this movie out of my head.

I currently know of 5 people on this forum who really like this movie too.

So who else? :smiley:

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see…

Sorry to come late to the party, but am now running “actually can’t get this parody out of my head.”

P.S. After days/weeks of 90’s and 100’s weather, I’d love to build a snowman. Wow, am I so ready for a change!

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i believe we should make a vex parody for this

For our team, we made VRC and FRC parodies of all of the frozen songs a few weekends ago. Needless to say, we get bored when we aren’t working.

Do you want to build a robot?
It’ll take all day.
We can go to the VexStore
Get all we need and more
Now our robot’s underway!

Now we’ve got to program
And I’ve got bugs
I wish I could find out why…

Do you want to build a robot?
It really has to be a robot.

lol “Oh!.. i’ve been impaled. He. He.”

Oh my goodness! That is awesome! I feel ya bro!