Documentation on PIDControl?

My team is trying to implement a tank drive robot that uses PID for its chassis control. At first I began learning the PID algorithm, and then I started trying to come up with a way for all 4 chassis motors to use PID simultaneously.

Then I realized that ROBOTC has integrated PID when I saw the PID Control check-box in the motors and sensors setup dialog. My question is how does this work, and is there some sort of implementation documentation or source code that I may use for reference?

I have searched and found nothing on the PIDControl pragma statement and would like some clarification.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is it possible that someone could answer this?

Take a look at the VEX Cortex video trainer and specifically the section on movement, chapter 6. It explains the principles of PID and how to use the built in functionality of ROBOTC V4.XX.

Thanks :slight_smile: