Does a v5 claw hold the new game balls?

My team was going to use a v5 claw to grab the balls but I need to know if the claw will hold them.

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I’ve seen them hold a TT cube but barely. I doubt they will work for the new game balls. Also please pick thread categories more accurately, V5 is not a part of VEXIQ


No I suggest that if you want to use a claw make your own. Otherwise if you want to be very competitive I suggest trying to build a snail bot/hood boy. There is many forum and YouTube videos showing them which will help you out a lot.


or you could just not make a claw lol

i’d recommend you watch some reveal videos on youtube, try cadding some, to see how other teams do stuff this year; experiment, research, and prototype. it’ll help a lot more in the long run than simply asking basic questions on the forum when the same answers could be found by a little experimentation. it’s part of the fun after all : )


No, but some clever standoff moves it will.


This is the IQ forum. You will get better feedback in the proper forum.

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No the V5 Claw doesn’t work for this year. Like the others said, if you want to be competitive either build a hood bot or this years tray bot.
But, if you team wants to build something with instructions for it I would build Crunch (it’s on the vex website).
Also this topic isn’t Vex IQ related

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