Does antislip rip?

I’m about to get my very first sheet of thick anti-slip mats.
There is a mechanism that I’ve been planning to make that is centered around anti-slip, so this is pretty big for me.

On the design, the anti-slip mat will be constantly stretched to achieve reasonable tautness while still being able to somewhat give in.
Which, as I just realized, might damage the anti-slip: after all, I’m stressing the anti-slip.

In your experience, did antislip mats ever get damaged under load?
Did it ever rip?

I have never experienced anti-slip ripping, but I can test the tolerance of anti slip later today.

It depends on what kind of anti slip. I know of 2 general kinds: the foamy square kind and the thin chaotic web kind. The square kind typically rips along the diagonals and the foamy soft surface layer runs off with use. I would also watch out for how you mount it. It will first rip at the point of connection like at a zip tie or screw. If your making it taught, I recommend attaching it with a few zip ties or to clamp it between 2 channels to distribute the force.


I’d say the biggest issue with anti slip ripping (especially with it being taught in your case), is the points where it’s being held. As @roboticMouse said, if you’re going to attempt something like that, you will definitely need more points where it’s being held at, along the 4 sides and corners (if you are making something rectangular).

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