Does any one have a DR4B assembly CAD file they could share

i need a cad or auto-desk file of a RD4B but i’m trying to make one and it isn’t doing exactly what i what i want it to do

but if someone does have a reverse double 4 bar auto-desk assembly they are willing to share it would be greatly appreciated

I do not, unfortunately, have a file on DR4Bs, however, ask if @IsANerd has one- he’s the CAD guy on his team.

This thread would probably get answered better if it wasn’t in Chit-Chat/Rumor Mill.

I changed the category for you


You lie, I have no such thing…yet

I very much doubt that anyone has a question about this anymore. It may only be a few months old, but how 'bout we let this one rest.


You have to call for him, @DRow

But are we worthy to witness his might?


bro i was just trying to have some fun jeez
you didnt have to flag it

Not sure who you’re talking to, I certainly didn’t flag it, and I know I’m contradicting myself by telling people not to post here (And posting to do so). However, this thread no longer has any purpose. Not that it’s dead, but just unneeded.

So yeah, I think a lock might be in order…

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