Does anybody have a file for a vex iq scuff controller

I was wondering if anybody has a file for a vex iq controller 3d printed scuff add on.

im not in vex IQ so I could be wrong, but I dont think thats leagal for vex IQ

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The question about “legality” can only be answered by reviewing the Game Manual for the current game, along with any official Q&A clarifications. I won’t post the current game manual (this time) since the next game manual will be released in 6 days; however, controller add-in are not prohibited in the current game manual (for either IQ or VRC), furthermore, the question was asked in the Q&A just because someone wanted to make sure, and it was again ruled legal (here is the official Q&A from the 2019-2020 season:

While Q&A answers do not automatically transfer from season to season, this Q&A question was simply a re-clarification of the rule which was already clear in the game manual. While the new manual might be different, with regard to the controller, it will likely remain the same for the 20-21 season.

As far as the CAD file, nobody has yet posted a file for an IQ “Scuff” controller, which is why you couldn’t find one when your searched the forums using the “search” feature.


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