Does anybody have a list of Event Winners?

I am wondering does anybody have a list of teams who qualified to Dallas or a list of each regional winners, excellence awards and skills chllaenges. Thanks

New Zealand Nationals:

Championship Winners - 2921 Freerange Robotics (Homeschool)
2911 Binary Blitz (Avondale College)

Programming Skills - 2921 Freerange Robotics

Driver Skills - 2904 Lakebots (Westlake Girls)

Excellence Award - 2900 Symbiohsis (Onehunga High School)

Use search to find the already-started threads here and on the Chief Delphi sites.

I use both cheifdelphi and this and got no response from chief delphi and was just checking here

Try this thread,

This was the latest info that I have seen. Don’t know how up to date it is though.