Does anybody have any tips for making an accurate aton in iq

I was wondering if anybody had any good tips for create a very redundant program that works every time.


Firstly you need good build quality on your robot. Without good build quality, reliable autonomous is not possible because you introduce too many poential errors that you can’t control in code.

Once you have good build quality, you can start to perfect your code.


As a fellow iq programmer, i’ve of course had the same problem. Try looking into PID Control Loops. I think you should at least be able to figure that out. I’ve also tried to figure out 2d motion profiling, and spline curves (when the robot moves in this weird curved pattern.)

There is some calculus involved in PID loops, but the calculus isn’t really necessary, so don’t be scared away from that. 2d motion profiling is a lot of math and pain i haven’t figured out yet.

Also, try reseting your robots orientation after a little. You can do this by slamming into a wall, and if there aren’t anything poking out of your robot(axles or spacers), you can get a pretty clean reset.


Never use time as your parameter(There are some times when it’s a viable option, but they are pretty rare).


My sisters were in IQ and they had no field and managed to make a successful 40 point Auton. Measure out the tiles. If you have any game objects put them where they would be and begin to make your plan. Do the measurements in the code exactly and begin to change based on the results. My recommendation is that you insert pauses between movements so you can check if that movement was how accurate you wanted. If not. You can change the code with measuring. Do tests over and over until about 80% of the time you are getting the result you want. It really works.
Any other questions?


Do you have any good sources for learning PID?

If you use time as your parameter, you will get varying results due to to outside forces like battery level. Varying results is not what you want which is why you should not use time as a parameter.

really good pid demo - Hardware Demo of a Digital PID Controller - YouTube

lots of theory behind pid - What Is PID Control? | Understanding PID Control, Part 1 - YouTube

this is where i first learned about pid -


thanks a lot I’m preparing for iq text so I’m learning v5 text.

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These are really good sources. The matlab series, which I’ve used, gets pretty complex, but it still helped me understand PID a lot better, and the presenter is really good.

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