Does anybody know the height of the high goal?

Height of the high goal from floor to the high goal placement.

You’ll find all the field dimensions in appendix a of the game manual, included the one you’re looking for.


Questions like this are best addressed by directing the poster to primary sources, such as the game manual. Designing and building a robot because of something a rando on the VexForums said is not a good practice. You also indicate uncertainty in your answer (I believe that it's ...) which doesn’t actually help the OP in case your belief is incorrect.

If the OP is willing to read responses to questions posted on the forums, the OP should be willing to read the primary sources and discover the answers there.


This information can be found in SG5 of the game manual.

(In case the screenshot doesn’t load, here are the specs)

From floor to the bottom of the basket is 21.4”.

From the floor to the top of the basket is ~25”

From floor to the very top of the high goal is 35.5”

Information found in the game manual is much more reliable, than a forum post, but I hope this helps you!