Does anyone else have ps3

I currently bought one today it is awesome and i just found that i can surf the web with it its a little slow at times but im posting right now aren’t i lol goes to show you how much better a ps3 can be to xbox 360

ive done research on PS3 and XBox 360 and found that PS3 is better, thinking of gettingone…

or you could completely skip the nonsense from Sony and Microsoft and get a Wii :wink: That’s what I did…

wii is pretty cool a lot cheaper!

can you list some good games for wii? thats pretty much the thing stopping me from getting one

I’d go with the 360. It is sweet. I was thinking about buying it, but I am saving up for an Asus Eee PC, or a Classmate PC. What do you think? Eee PC or Classmate PC??

Asus EEE pc, these things are awesome!!! i might get one of those too

word. Everyone doubts the ps3, but you can’t say that it isn’t good until you get one, It’ll change your views around.

really, you have to see them side by side
at future shop they had two exact HD TV’s one connected to PS3, and one to XBox 360

i played them both and my brother played the other one too, you can tell the difference PS3 is better

oh and the PS3 controller has an accelerometer in it (thats why its called SIXAXIS controller)

One of the things I love the most from the PS3 is the SIXAXIS controller. It feels like you are not even lifting anything because it is so light. The 360 controller without a battery is still by-far heavier than the PS3 controller.

and i believe the SIXAXIS controller has builtin rechargeable battery…360 you need to buy a seperate pack for each controller, thats an extra 20+ dollars per controller!

i would buy a wii if i had money left over truth is i like both but i wanted a blu ray player so i bought the ps3 first and it can hold media hate the 360 i has good games but the controller is too different for me and it has more likely chance of software problems than the other systems
also i grew up with sony and nintendo(gameboy and playstation)
my first games were tomb raider 3 and pokemon and those games are still popular the japanese make entertainment the best!!

srry, gotta to disagree, i hate those japanese anime game things