Does anyone face the motor overheating problem?

While we are trying to make the turrets no matter use gear ratio 1:5 or 1:7, our motors usually overheat and then shutdown in a minute. If decreasing rpm, disc are not going to fly to the High Goal in a long distance.

quickswap or compressed air!

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As we tell many new members to the forum, the search function on the top is your friend. Simply search the term “overheat” and you will find a lot of topics that address this.


To be honest, this shouldn’t be the 1st course of action.

  1. check the gear ratio
  2. check for unnecessary friction and quality of build

To overheat in a minute (I’m taking you literally on your time), the motors have to be drawing full amperage. This is more or less impossible unless you have overloaded them too much. I’m suspecting you have a friction problem. Your shafts should all spin smoothly in the bearings. If they don’t, fix it. You may also need to sand the shafts slightly. And make sure the shaft is not binding up… that you have proper bearing supports.

You could post a pic…

Edit: overheating in 60 seconds is beyond just ‘overloaded’. It’s close to stalling or not rotating. Add some code to see what rpms your motors are ACTUALLY turning compared to their target RPM.

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Is the motor running a Turret or flywheel?


Looks like someone needs to get reading glasses!

(emphasis mine)

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I see what OP wrote. Just not sure why a turret would work enough in a minute to overheat.


Lol, I guess they really meant double flywheel plagued by excessive friction, but were confused about proper terminology by all those recent turret discussions.

But, if they indeed meant turrets, then here’s a relevant historical record:

I’ll give you :+1: and a :heart: if you can guess where this quote came from, without reading the hint.…


Based on context, I take it they are mistaken and mean their flywheel is overheating. Based on the plural “turrets”, one could suggest they are using a double flywheel, but I would assume no such thing, given they don’t know the word for flywheel. Based on

I may suggest they are using two, but they clearly don’t speak English well (they seem to be foreign), so that could be a mistake also.

They clearly have a friction and/or build quality issue, and swapping motors does not solve the problem but simply masks it. The problem still exists; you are just experiencing the strain in battery drain, motor swapping, and motor burning out, instead of slow flywheels.