Does anyone have a PC program to work with the Vex On-Line Code?

Does anyone have some PC Source Code to share??

There is some interest in the Chief Delphi Programming Forum (See Control Robot with Computer) about controlling the 2008 FRC Controller with a PC.

The 2008 FRC Controller Default Code is almost the same as the Vex Controller Default Code. The changes I added to the Vex Default Code can very easily be added to the FRC Default Code. And Someones PC Program to control it, could find a following beyond just the Vex Robots.

Also, two more points:
I am looking at ltk’s, Serial Control Protocol which were “adapted from Kevin Watson’s interrupt-driven buffered serial routines”


The DEMOQE Toolkit, which seems to contain a Serial Terminal and a Serial Grapher. This could be very helpful in Debugging.