Does Anyone Have ANY CAD models of Robots?

I have been looking for fully built robots that I can view on Edrawings. if you have any robots that I can view, even pictures lease post them:o :smiley:
If you can please use MLcad, Iknow how to use it with vex, goto:
download it then follow the instructions.

i will be soon with the FTC FIRSTbase we get free inventor i think so ill be using that soon enough:D

how\where can i get that program for free?

This topic has been mentioned in a previous post.

I would be glad to send you the Edrawings file of a squarebot.
where can I send the file to?


all the FTC teams got an e-mail saying a website called FIRSTbase by autodesk is extending it towards FTC teams. which means FTC teams will be able to login and download the free software, r u on an FTC team?

can you post it on the thread? otherwise

tecnic rc, can you send the file to

No problem,

ill send the file today, make sure you have Edrawings