Does anyone have any idea if vex will use the same v5 system?

Does anyone have any idea if vex will use the same v5 system or will create a new system to once again change the programming language that we will use.

I doubt that VEX will release a new electronics system for at least 5-7 more years.

I agree. How long was V4 used for?

Even if they do, it won’t ship for another 8 years.

So I can be confident that I can improve my coding skills with the same exact language for next year?

Cortex was intrudcued at the end of the 2009-2010 school year, and used the following year. They had a two or three year transition period from PIC to Cortex.

Yes, it think its a safe bet to start learning VCS or some other language.

I would expect V5 to have at least a 5 year life span. The Cortex was supposed to only have a 5 year life span, however the resources that VEX put into designing and launching VEX IQ, pushed the introduction of V5 back and then a myriad of other issues came up when V5 was finally put in play. I don’t see VEX leaving V5 for the near future. As for programming, VEX Coding Studio, Robot Mesh’s Studio and PROS all will be around for quite a while, I think. And I think there will be others that come along as well. Robot Mesh Studio allows you to program not just in C++ but in Python as well and others.