Does anyone have any ideas that to control of 6 drive motors

Our team start to use 6 motors in drivetrain, but I think vex sample code doesn’t have what we can use in this situation.
When we used 4 motors in drivetrain, we have sample code in vex code v5, so we can turn and drive.
But after we use 6 motors in drivetrain, I think I don’t have function that can turn and drive.
Does anyone have any ideas on how we can get out of this situation? or I should buck to use 4 motors in drivetrain.

set each half of the drivetrain as a motor group

There are numerous posts on 6 motor drivetrains. Let’s do a little search before we start another thread.

Start here: How do you program a 6 motor drivetrain

Then here: Search results for '6 motor drivetrain' - VEX Forum


Thank you.
I’ll be careful next time.
And I could solve this problem.
Thank you very much!

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ive found the easiest way to program a 6 motor drive is to set up a 4 motor in the base program then move it over to vex pro and then add the next motor and program it to the same button if you need it i can send you a picture of our current drivetrain program tommorow


Would you be able to send that picture whenever you get the chance ty

Thank you.
I really want to see it.