Does anyone have any turbo motor cartridges for v5?


I have a flywheel on my robot and in order to maximize it’s rpm output I need a turbo cartridge. I have a highly competitive robot with a consistent flywheel but it doesn’t have much range and doesn’t spin as fast as it should. Anyways, I’d be willing to pay more than retail price to secure this cartridge and if anyone is willing to sell it or knows where I can get one in less than a month, please let me know. Thanks.


Last I saw, RobotMesh has them in stock.


RobotMesh shows… Availability: Out of Stock. Extended Lead Time


We had some at Robot Mesh, but we are out of stock again.


if you get any more, could you please contact me or respond to this thread.


Where are you located, mvas8037? PM me, and we might be able to help.


I’m in CT


im looking for 2 if anyone has any they can part with, everywhere seems out of stock


I have 1 too, PM me if you’re interested.


Why don’t you just use an external gear ratio that would give you similar RPMs? I recently got my 100 RPM inserts and I honestly don’t notice a difference other than a slight reduction in spin-up time, and friction lowered too. Honestly, there isn’t too much of a difference.


pretty rare as of now


As it looks pretty unlikely that you’ll get a turbo cartridge any time soon, I’d probably just focus on reducing friction and making sure that everything is square. In addition, i don’t know if you can get stuff from robot mesh as it is not an authorized reseller in CT as shown here. Also, applying some grease might also help. Finally, don’t forget that the turbo cartridge is basically gearing, but included inside of the motor. Gearing it up for speed, which the cartridge does, would increase speed, but decrease the torque proportionally.