Does anyone know how to code this?

So i was at a competition last week when I saw a team simply moving their robot and then their computer would then display all the movements of each of the motors and for how long. Then the team would copy this code into their autonomous section and it would work fairly consistently. Is this legal? And if so does anyone know how to go about doing this. Thanks!

I have also been trying to find a way to do this. Does @jpearman, @Rick_TYler, or @John_TYler have any ideas?

It’s called a rerun program, lots of threads on the forum about this topic.

here’s one.

@jpearman , I have v5, but this seems to be for cortex. I tried looking for v5 reruns but cant find any. Do you know where those are?

The reason there have not been any posted is teams were consistently disappointed with the results of rerun.


so does it like not work?

The link required to understand that post in that thread is dead (somebody likely deleted the post). You can use the Wayback Machine to look at it anyways. Try this link: Rerun Mk1 - VEX Forum

It’s difficult to make work reliably, however, V5 does address some of the practical issues that made it difficult with the cortex.
All motors now have encoder data available.
There’s plenty of memory to store the data and you access to a file system using the SD card.

You will still have to deal with mechanical problems like wheel slippage, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some teams succeed with this approach next year.

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I didn’t even think to do this. I might have to give it a shot. It’ll make auton programming a breeze! (Assuming it works)