Does anyone know how to make custom linear slides?

Does anyone know how to make custom linear slides? Similar to the ones people used as their anti tip for TT.

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If you are talking about the metal ones, Vex used to make them(and they were great), but then they discontinued the product.

What about the ones that people made with c-channels and spacers? I’m not sure which spacers are the best for that and where to get them. Also the correct configuration (sideways/upright)

@Sylvie made a nice CAD of one in this video right here
This is also a good one he made

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There are many different ways to make custom slides.

Standoffs fit nicely in high strength bearings, so those can be used to make many types of linear slides:
Also, if you lock a .75 inch screw to the inside of a c-channel with a keps nut and put 8.1 mm plastic spacers on top, it leaves just enough room for a half c to fit making a good slider (although grease is highly recommended for these:
This can also be extended to full c-channels

Furthermore, you can use a slightly loose plate and a mix spacers to create a nice fit for a half c
slide 2

These are just a few of the many ways to make custom sliders. Just follow the general principle of metal rolling on spacers, get creative, and you’ll be able to come up with something that suits your needs.


Wow, thanks!! These are absolutely perfect! I really appreciate it.

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Hey I see I am late but look up on youtube 7700r’s robot explanation video he shows custom slides up close for antitips.



Introducing one of my fav VRC teams ever - the legendary Green Egg Robotics (GER).


Green Egg is awesome, Fred VII is also good inspiration for this game.