Does anyone know of a populated vex chatroom?

I’m looking for one I can ask simple questions\discuss vex stuff on.

We had one going a while ago that was posted here but it eventually died out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am sorry to tell you Jeremy, but I believe that the vexforum chatango is the only vex chatroom and only like 7 people use it.

:frowning: Well, I just went into the chatango chatroom and I was the only one there.

A majority of us VEX Forumers usually chat later in the day. We have school/work to get done throughout the day. I am sometimes on, but have lately been swamped with school.

I agree with General Reggie.

link so that people reading this can know where you guys are talking about and maybe increase the number of people using it

I think it should be stickied somewhere in the general section - I lost the link for some time.

I have dropped in for a Chat or Two, but I find If I am chatting Randomly, I don’t get “other things done”…

Were You just wanting to “kill some time”, or were you hoping for some “Technical Support”, in “Real Time”??

I have a fairly “sedate schedule”, so I could commit to some specific Time Slots… I have all the Programming Languages used with the Vex Controllers, except SDCC for the PIC and the VexPro and its Tool-Chain… I have multiple PIC Controllers, and One Cortex NC-1/2Mod, a lot of the Sensors and a lot of the Basic Hardware…