Does anyone know what happens if you damage a game element?

One of our teams was driving their robot and somehow managed to knock an arm off the tallest mobile goal. We rescrewed the piece back in but it got me thinking about what would happen if that happened at competition. I went onto the manual to see if I could find anything but I couldn’t. Maybe I missed something but I want to know if anyone knows the answer.

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If you actively set out to remove the pole, you probably get disabled for safety (S1). If it happened by accident (like a loose screw, like in your case), the event would most likely redo (called a replay in the manual) the match, depending on when the pole fell off.


It’s up to the Head Referee, but if it’s an accident they’ll probably just give you a warning and might make you go through inspection again. Although, there is a chance that they will disqualify you.

Rule G20 says that in the event of a game object breaking, a match replay should be done if it is match affecting.


I’ll look for the video but in tower takeover I accidentally ripped a tower out of the ground and nothing happened so safe to say I think you should be fine.

An important aspect is if it is match effecting. In my Tower Take over season a tower fell over but wasn’t match affecting so we didn’t get the redo. still salty

Unless your robot did it…

It wasn’t on purpose they just didn’t build the field correctly

The field was built properly the piece kept getting knocked over and ended up getting loosened causing it to fall off.

Head ref would have to do their best to determine:

  1. Was the game element properly built at the beginning of that match?
    if no, then:
  2. Would the branch falling off affect the outcome of the match?
    If yes, then replay.

This would really be a judgement call on the ref’s part, as it is impossible to definitively answer thee questions. You have to respect those volunteers that come out and do their best, and you need to have a point margin greater than any ref’s judgement call.


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