Does anyone know what the horsepower of the motors are?

A team member we have has an interesting idea that we are interested in trying our, provided we can make the math work before-hand. The calculations we’re trying to do requires us to know the horsepower of the motors, though, and we couldn’t find it easily.

Does anyone know off-hand what they are? Or how we could find the information?

Why exactly do you need the horsepower of the motors, and not the torque?

We have this weird, probably stupid plan. I don’t want to say too much, because if we’re right we have an idea that will end up doing extremely well, and if we’re wrong will make us sound like idiots who didn’t think it through. Our team is split on the issue 4/6, and we’re doing the math to get a final ruling. If we get the numbers we want, we’re going to order parts in a week. Otherwise, I’ll be happy to explain just what we were thinking and why it won’t work.

At 50 RPM, you have 0.01 horsepower. I calculated this with an online calculator and 50 RPM, and 6.8 in-lb of Torque found from a motor torque-speed curve.

Can you like us to that? Or possibly some equations we could do ourselves?

Horsepower Calculator:
Motor Torque-Speed Curves:

Motor Torque-Speed Curves:

Thanks. It seems our idea is more than feasible. And I no longer look like an idiot for bringing a TI-84 with me to Worlds.

If we get this built, we’re going to have so much fun with Toss Up. As will all of you at Worlds next year. Because this is just cool.

Motor Torque-Speed Curves:

Be aware that the motor torque speed curves were updated in this thread when the 393 motor spec was changed.

Yes, I saw that. Thanks for pointing it out, though.