Does anyone know where i can find the simple bot instructions for VEX IQ

I need to find the instructions for that one simple bot that looks like the base bot but has 3 medium gears on each side of the vehicle. So just like the base bot but with 2 motors and 3 gears on each side.
Please comment below the link to those instructions.

What you are describing sounds much like the Autopilot:
Scroll right down to the bottom

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Build instructions >

Edit - Calvc01 Got here before me, although this is a direct link


It is like auto pilot but without the sensors. only motors are connected to the brain in the one I’m looking for

This one? - Build instructions >

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Yeah, you don’t have to put the sensors on.
The Clawbot instructions link by @Blaziumm are exactly that, just follow the first section only.


thx it’s like this one but only up to page 9. is there a link to one that is basically that but only up to page 9?

so like this bot but just in one instruction form bot

You don’t have to follow all the instructions, if you are giving it to someone you can just take out the last pages when you print it if you are doing that.


ok thank you i will do just that.

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