Does anyone now how to make a chain and sprocket design just like the robot in the competion video pickup discs?

Hello my team and I have decided to use the chain sprocket design from the video in the vex spin out video. Our only probelm is that we can’t find any videos on how to make the chain and sprocket design. It would be really helpful it you knew any helpful links for the design.

it shoudl look something like this:

Try to take inspiration from these videos:


You could wait for build instructions to be released

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Yeah we thought about that but we don’t know when it will realse and want to get work done in a fast pace so we don’t lag behind. We thought this isn’t a new design since we seen it in competions before something similar atleast.

Since anything isn’t inherently being hidden in the videos, I would recommend trying to analyze what they show in the videos, try and think of how these things work. Mr. Brandon gives some insight on how they work, but you could always try to analyze.


Here’s an article from Team Virus on Chain & Sprocket. Hope it helps! Chain and sprocket systems.pdf - Google Drive