does anyone on your team steal the allan key when your not looking?

Some kid on my team does>_>

Even though our team has enough for everyone to have two someone always takes the one you’re using, and they also strip fast too.

The dude who takes it also broke one too:mad:

most of the time when we are working we are working on two robots at once and the second group takes our ball end allen wrenches because theirs are straight and they get stuck in the screw.

If they are striping to fast, then you are tightening your screws WAY to Tight!

and this would be the reason my team has 4-5 of each type of allen key

And thats how the aforementioned kid broke one!

i never have that problem becuase i have spares with me and i work alone so far.

I started bringing my own because they are better and that way if someone steals them I can take them back without them talking back to me. Although I generally take them back anyway when I need them.

Generally I find everyone just takes everyone else’s.

Exactly, and then in the end, no one know where any of them are, or one person ends up with all of them.:smiley:
Yes that woud be me:)

I don’t have a team.:frowning:

Though sometimes I will put one in my pocket and lose it later on, all by myself!:smiley:

That has been said by me many times…

Like i said before
Only you do this

I haven’t ever lost my allan “key”.

i dont have a team:(

I don’t either.:frowning: On the brighter side, you make decisions for yourself, you don’t have to compromise or go with another idea.:slight_smile: Teams aren’t bad either, but I don’t know the ups and downs.:confused:

Teams are great because several people can come up with decent ideas and then you can each look at the others ideas find the flaws and combine ideas to make one great idea. I think I said idea about 4 times wow…

In my language…

It means less trouble shooting…

Maybe they are just hiding it from you so you don’t mess it up. Just kidding. :wink: :smiley:

You said “idea” 5 times, counting when you said “I think I said idea about 4 times wow”.