Does anyone think that vex will still have competition?

I believe that we will but I wanted to see you what you guys think

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There is already a thread on this but oh well🤷‍♂️ I think yes but they will have many rules to follow and it’s gonna get crazy. I expect them to limit sizes of tournaments.

Yes, I think there will be competitions which will have various restrictions depending on the state/region you are in. Such as only skills competitions, no spectators, max team capacity, etc.

Also here is a similar thread: Will 2020-2021 season of Vex be canceled this year

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Yeah same I just hope that they don’t cancel because I just became captain of my team and want to have lots of success.

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This is my first year building from home and I’ve been working real hard I worked hard for worlds but then covid got nasty :pensive:

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Sadly yes but life has to move on and we will make it through this together

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YES :muscle:

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