does anyone use erector set hardware?

i have used erector set hardware. i was wondering if any of u guys have with ur bots?

yes. i just bought the 650 set at wallyworld for 50 and i love it! it has a ballberrind ‘‘lazy suzan’’ type turrent thinky

ya i use erecter sets too it works great but ill have to look @ that 650 set @wallyworld:smiley:

I personnaly have never user erector materials but i have seen numerous robots use it with great success.

i have used them, but only for smaller parts, like when i need an angled part.

actulay i use the erector set parts for angle parts+ beams+ armor

i use a set of it it works great expical for smaller parts. if you want one i sugest you look for them on ebay there is a ton of kits on there

Erector Sets like Vex sets are great! for making robots. Check out my Erector Set and Vex based Robots featured in the ROBOT Magazine article.

sounds like a good idea. id like to see a picture though off one built with vex.

ya erector sets are awsome they also come in hand if ure a person who doesnt like to cut pieces like me:D

Yes, I have, I dug out my old erector set and was able to use some parts.

I think erector sets and VEX system should be used together. I first got an Erector set wanting to build a robot. But couldn’t until I got the VEX system. The VEX system is obviously better, but the Erector set really helps too.