Does it matter what type of wheel I use for the flywheel?

My team and I are confused between which type of wheel should we use for the fly wheels. Is their any difference between a traction, omni, or flex wheels? We see some teams use the traction wheels while other teams use the flex wheels.

Ok, thanks I will check it out

This forum is more about alternatives but we have all the parts needed for the flywheel we are just confused which one to use, like does weight matter, is grip needed things like that.

In that case i would recommend a traction wheel. You could add a rubber band, but it will wear down fast and break.

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Flex wheels are probably your best option


These are all good things for your team to test and record results in your engineering notebook.

Many teams have found different combos of durometers and sizes to work; there isn’t an “one size (& hardness) fits all” design.


Ok, thanks for the advice

Do you know why omni wheels aren’t a good option for the flywheel? I think I might have some idea but not entirely sure.

I think the reason may be that discs get shoved in-between the sets of rollers

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No, your better off rubber banding traction wheels.

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Biggest thing is that the Omni wheels give unequal compression due to the rollers, meaning that the flywheel wheel won’t throw as consistently.


I would just test it yourself and see what works best for your robot.


Yes, please do some testing and record the results in your team’s engineering notebook. Judges love to see teams take the time to test potential designs instead of choosing one just because “everyone does it, so it must be good”.

Flex wheels are popular because there is some flex needed in order to allow the disk to pass through without taking up excess energy. But traction wheels can be used as well, especially if you have a flexible wall to achieve that flex. Also flex wheels are very grippy which is also a reason why they are popular, with traction wheels in order to increase grip a lot of teams wrap rubber bands around them.