Does mobile wall violate rule G5

I was wondering if a separate mobile wall piece, which would be a small chunk of metal with small wheels and some motors, connected to the robot by a length of string (attached to a pulley system for recalling it) is in violation of rule G5 in the game manual? Last year, a middle school team in my club did this and got a special letter from VEX stating it was allowed (since it isn’t technically detached). Should I do the same?
Thanks for the help.

Yes, this is allowed, as it is does not violate the rules in the Game Manual:


What about a wall deployed in a corner, where you intentionally dump balls in so that other robots cannot access them?

Is there a rule that prohibits you from doing that?

The second bullet point is my main concern.



Doesn’t this violate the leave mechanisms on the field part of… Keep your Robots together. Robots may not intentionally detach parts during the Match or leave mechanisms on the field.

As long is it’s some how attached it’s fine.

This link goes to a wall bot from tower takeover, they used string and tubes to keep their robot together. This rule is generally used to keep clutter off the field.
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How do I get a special letter from VEX? I’m assuming you mean getting a ruling in the Q&A, but if you got an actual letter, I want to see pictures.


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