Does Nylon String count in the endgame for points

So I know you can use 1/8 diameter nylon string on your robot. With the new game spin up they have the no horizontal expansion limit so that for every tile your robot touches you score 3 points. I’m wondering if you hookup the nylon string and like throw it or have it drag, will it still score the points and yes I checked the manual.


Hi @knobljoh , welcome to the forums!

I’d recommend utilizing the search tool in the top right corner of your screen. In this case I searched the word “string” and the third result was a topic titled How much string can I use? Feel free to check this forum feature out the next time you have a question.

It will save you from the barrage of “Read the Manual” replies that are bound to be sent your way.

p.s. Thanks again, @Sidoti :stuck_out_tongue: